The Business of Cake Making Podcast

Episode 11 (Season 2. Ep 2) Part 2. Nastassja, The Indulgent Sugar Plum

August 18, 2020

This is the 2nd part of a 2 Part Interview with The Indulgent Sugarplum, and Channel 4 Extreme Cake Maker, Nastassja. 

We decided that the 1 and a half hour long interview was too long for one episode, and too interesting to cut anything out, so we've split it into 2 parts.

In Part 2 Nastassja speaks about her aesthetic, design process and inspiration. She tells us how she considers herself an artist, not jut a baker, and how Cake is her canvas. It is trully is a new way to look at the creative cake process!

In Part 1 she talked about her journey to becoming the cake maker she is today and what it felt like to get the call from Channel 4.

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